CES 2010: Touch Revolution Unveils Household Gadget Nimble

The way technology is changing, you could almost certainly believe things will never be the same again. This is true in the case of household gadgets too, and we have already read and even bought that automatizes everything we do in the house including making coffee and drinking it!

Here is yet another cool device found at the CES 2010, but it only comes from a little known company, which doesn’t mean it is not great. This cute and nice gadget is from the company called Touch Revolution and NIMBLE runs on Android.

Thanks to that, the applications are pretty simple and you could do a lot of things that you would want to do at home at like downloading applications for recipe holder, weather, stocks, email and others. The final product shall also look quite polished and because it is not known yet, you could do great service to your friends by spreading the word around about this cool gadget. There is no information about the price and availability.

Via: Crunch Gear