CES 2011: What the Mobile Gadget Trends Are Going to Be Like

Like I mentioned before, there would be no revolutionary products at the CES 2011, but still critics maintain that this year’s CES 2011 is going to be the best ever. This is because, more evolved products would be announced which would translate into better TVs, media players, computers, tablets ad al the other jazz.

Firstly, you could expect to see a number of usable Android tablets. Acer, Archos, Asus, Creative, Dell, Entourage, Fusion Garage, LG, Motorola, MSI, Notion Ink, Samsung, Toshiba and ViewSonic are some of the companies that would be launching tablets.

They may make use of the Honeycomb or Android’s next version. There would also be the first 4G phones which might be the next step in Smartphones. Last but not the least, this year’s CES 2011 will see a number of 3D and Mobile TV devices that will leave the customers asking for more.

Gaining experience from last year’s demand for 3D products, companies seem to be ready to meet the current year’s demand for 3D and Mobile TV products. Come what may, this year’s CES 2011 surely would be one of the best. Look at the full coverage of CES 2011 here.

Via: Read Write Web