Chillsner Keeps Your Beer Chilled From Inside Out

Beer tastes best when it is served chilled. Chillsner is a new gadget that is designed to chill your beer inside the bottle. Ice is the easiest option to make a drink cold but unfortunately ice and beer don’t mix well. Many devices have been created to keep the beer cold after it is taken out of the fridge. However Chillsner is unique and different from the options available in the market right now. Options like beer koozies or the Chill Puck are designed to work from outside. The bottles have to be stored in it to keep it cool. But Chillsner has reversed the concept of cooling. The device goes inside the bottle to chill the beer.

Chillsner Fits Inside a 9 Inch or Longer Bottle

Chillsner is basically a freezable metal spike and it is designed to fit inside a beer bottle to keep your brew ice cold from the inside out. The metal spike or the main body of the Chillsner is filled with non toxic thermal gel. It is this gel that makes it possible to cool it down to freezing temperatures. You simply have to keep the device in the freezer for about 45 minutes to make it really cold. The stainless steel rod with the gel inside can then be slotted inside a 9 inch or taller long neck bottle. There is an air tight seal at the top that keeps it secure.

Chillsner Fits Inside a Bottle

The Product is Available for Pre Order at $29.95

There are four flow vents near the top that allow you to drink your beer normally. The innovative device has been developed by Hewy Wine Chillers LLC. They have been working on the concept for some time and had first produced a similar product called the Corkcicle. It worked on the same concept but was designed for bottles of wine to keep their content cool. The concept is very simple but effective. Beer lovers should accept it whole heartedly as it will keep their beer chilled even when they are outdoors. Chillsner has been priced at $29.95 and is available for pre order. The shipping is expected start in early June. Every package of Chillsner will contain two Chillsners, along with a freezer case for storing them upright and two drink coasters.

Via: gizmag