Clearwire Makes Way For Apple iPad With A New Wireless Router

One of the biggest names in 4G networks in the United States, Clearwire has now announced its plans to expand its 4G mobile broadband network in at the CTIA WIRELESS 2010 conference. The expansion plans from Clearwire includes the introduction of the 30th computer, that has 4G services embedded in it, as well as the company’s plans in regards to the Apple iPad.

Cleariwire’s 4G network called, CLEAR is expected to reach to more than 120 million users in the United States by the end of this year. The CLEAR network system is essentially a lot faster than the regular wifi hotspots, due to the fact that, with the WiMAX technology, Clearwire has managed to increase the range of wireless broadband internet exponentially. With the help of the WiMAX, this range is now being measured in miles, instead of mere feet and the speeds delivered by this protocol is are near that of the standard DSL connections, amounting to 3 to 6 Mbps.

As the U.S gears up for the launch of the highly anticipated Apple iPad tablet device, Clearwire is already reaching out to the potential iPad users, by offering them a chance to use the CLEAR USB modem, the CLEAR Spot ($140), that would essentially create a personal wifi spot for the users, and can support up to eight incoming connections. Furthermore, Clearwire is also eagerly awaiting the launch of the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook, which is powered by an Intel Atom processor and comes embedded with 4G technology. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook will be available via CLEAR retail locations, telesales and the Clear website.

According to Bill Morrow (CEO, Clearwire),

“Across our 4G markets today, we’re experiencing data usage levels that could shake the rest of the wireless industry to its core. On average, our mobile 4G customers are using more than 7 GB of data per month, and we’re very pleased about the implications. Those who want to have a misguided debate about competing 4G radio
technologies are missing the bigger picture. To deliver true mobile broadband requires deep spectrum resources and an all-IP network, and Clearwire remains unrivaled on both fronts. In fact, the efficiency of our IP-network and scale of our spectrum holdings have not only enabled us to launch our own successful CLEAR service, but they have enabled us to become the 4G ‘Network of Networks’. Whether customers sign up for 4G service through us, Sprint, Comcast, or Time Warner Cable, it is our network and our spectrum making it all possible. And, we continue to look ahead. Today, we announced advancements across markets, devices,
and our network, that we believe will continue to keep Clearwire at the forefront of 4G leadership and innovation.”

Via Techflash

clearwire  Clearwire Makes Way For Apple iPad With A New Wireless Router