Climate Change Artistic Campaign: Tiny Melting Ice Men Sculptures

Recent climate change campaign at Berlin by Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo was extremely creative and dark. It was an installation art consisting of 1000 tiny ice sculptures of men sitting on the steps of Berlin concert hall. This artistic installation on the occasion of release of the report entitled Impact of Global Climate Change was sponsored by WWF.


Sometimes social and global issues are so pressing that they reflect in art of the times. Though the original idea behind this installation art of melting men sculptures was to question the role of monuments in the cities but it makes better impact as climate change art. Environmental activists could never put the message across more subtly and explicitly. The melting ice sculptures symbolize the possible impact melting of Arctic ice on the entire planet. It could trigger ultimate meltdown and disappearance of life on earth.

There could be debate about reasons behind global warming and climate change but effects and impacts are already visible and if human beings can do their bit at each individual level to reduce carbon footprint it would make a great impact.

Via Osocio