Cloudandco Transforms a Humble Humidifier into a Beautiful Object

You feel like thanking the designers when they take up an everyday product and transform it into a beautiful object like a piece of art. In the Asian markets, particularly in the Gulf region humidifiers are commonly used. Mostly it just sits in a corner of a room and does its work quietly and no one really bothers about its appearance. So it is pleasing to see a bottle humidifier that is aesthetically appealing. The beauty in its appearance does not enhance its performance but if it has to sit on your table its beauty definitely enhances the look of the room.

The designers responsible for giving a makeover to the humble humidifier are Youngduk Song, Sunman Kwon and Sungmin Kim. They have taken this simple functional device that provides much needed humidity in extremely dry weather, and turned it into a piece that could be used for home décor. Made by Cloud & Company, the modern design of the humidifier enables it to integrate with any environment. The contour of the bottle has been well designed and the material used is the best and most appropriate. However the price has not been declared as yet.

The humidifier gets its power through an integrated USB power cable that is retractable. It is designed in such a way that it complements the form of the object. The exterior shell of the bottle is made from plastic that has been processed to make it anti bacterial. It has been given a matte white finish. The bottom of the bottle is made with thick glass. It adds to the look of the bottle and allows the user to see the level of the water inside. It has a capacity of half a liter of water that lasts for almost 13 hours. The bottle weighs less than 500gms and is only 22cm tall. The humidifier was developed under the guidance of creative director Yeongkyu Yoo.