Consumers Greet Windows 7 With Jubiliation & Open Arms

When Microsoft opened the doors to its retail stores in Scottsdale, Arizona, the pandemonium that met the eye, could be easily compared to the huge crowds and bustling lines that were seen at the launch of Apple iPhone 3G last year. People crowded in huge numbers to greet Microsoft’s Windows 7, that is being hailed as the messiah for Microsoft tarnished reputation after the Windows Vista debacle.

The retail store witnessed swarm of more than 500 eager consumers, who had waited for hours to get their hands on the latest copy of Windows 7. The Microsoft retail store is located in Fashion Square Mall and the the awaiting crowd, some of whom had been waiting outside the store the entire night. The crowds were chanting Microsoft’s names and wore Microsoft T-shirts.

According to Hafthor Stefansson (IT consultant),

“It’s a good idea to give consumers a warm and fuzzy (feeling) about using an operating system… It will make consumers feel better about their purchase.”

At the Fashion Square Mall, consumers didn’t only focus on Windows 7, but also went ahead to purchase Dell notebooks and Microsoft’s widely popular and highly acclaimed gaming console, Xbox 360. the consumers on the other hand are the final winners in this battle between Microsoft and Apple. One of the customers at the Microsoft store expressed his joy at the opening of the new store and stated Microsoft has infact finally learned how to fight with brains instead of words.



Via Reuters.

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