Cool Electronic Gadgets From LEGO This Summer

Lego and Digital Blue have announced their line of products for kids, which include digital cameras, video cameras, MP3 players, walkie talkies and other electronic items. Considering the products would be children centric, the look of the products too would be based on something that children may admire such as a brick built look on the products.

As we all know that children often have the tendency to drop things quite often, the products are designed with plastic bricks so that much harm would not be done to the products. Most parents will sure welcome this idea. If you are disappointed at the thought of the products being only for kids, then; you may not have to worry. In addition to the small portable LEGO kids tech devices, Digital Blue will soon create a home line of electronics such as, boom boxes and alarm clock radios. These products will feature classic LEGO brick elements, which are scaled to over-sized proportions.

However, you will have to wait till this summer to buy the new LEGO products as they would be launched only by the summer. They will be available in the price range of $19.99 and $59.99.

Via: CraziestGadgets