Cool it off at work with the Bene Al Kicker tables

Playing football is cult. Ever tried football while at work? Here is good news for all the football fans out there. The Bene Al Kicker tables are out and set to fire you up at work! AL stands for Aluminum here. Bene aligns football and fun with office and enthusiasm. You can spice up your work life with some magic of football in your own office. A quick match will help you loosen your wrist and clear the head. Your boss will actually be happy with your performance and enthusiasm. It has been proved that keeping the employees happy increases their efficiency substantially. Hats off to Joey and Chandler from the Friends sitcom, who got the tabletop football game, foosball to a new high.

The table is well crafted and preciously designed in Aluminum and the players anodized and painted in silver and red. This sport requires flexibility, rapid response and also strategic thinking. You should have the ability to evaluate your opponent. Sounds familiar? It’s just like a perfect training for employees and executives alike. This game gives a perfect opportunity for team playing and cooperation with passion. It was originally made for the 2008 Euro Cup but is available in a limited edition of 25 pieces especially available for the 2010 World Cup. The tables are priced at $2,890 a piece. The table is 1560 cm in height, 760 cm in width and 920 cm in depth.

Once the tournament is over you simply have to put back the tabletop on field and the usual desktop brings you back to everyday life. Perfection and satisfaction at work guaranteed!

via bene