The New Line of Cuff Jewelry is an Elegant Solution for Your Personal Security

The modern urban lifestyle needs you to look for personal security solutions. At the same time it is uncool to carry cumbersome devices. Deepa Sood who was earlier with Restoration Hardware heading their product development team has launched Cuff to create elegant solutions for your personal security. The device comes in the form of jewelry pieces. Deepa is launching her jewelry line with a collection of baubles and accessories embedded with CuffLinc, a tiny, wireless transmitter. The device transmits your location to your loved ones and also alerts them in case you need help. It is a tiny device but could save your life in case of an emergency.

The new line of Cuff jewelry is made up of an assortment of designs and styles. There are necklaces, bracelets and key chains in attractive and contemporary designs. The designers have made sure to wrap the smart technology in elegant and fashionable pieces that you would enjoy wearing. Sood believes that we should not be forced to choose between smarts and beauty when it comes to wearable accessories. All the pieces in the line are so designed that the tiny CuffLinc transmitter can be fitted into anyone of them. You don’t have to wear the same piece everyday to carry the transmitter with you. It is interchangeable between different pieces so that you can wear the one you like for the day.

The Cuff Range of Wearable Technology

The collection has a wide range of pieces with pearl jewelry that looks like heirloom pieces. It will be well liked by the elderly ladies. There are simple chains and bold cuffs that will suit women of all ages. There are fun leather banded bracelets that will go well with the other accessories of young fashionable girls. There are simple rubber bracelets for men who can wear them even when they are going for their workouts. Sood is aware of the fact that people would like to project their style through what they wear and that’s why she has created a range of options in wearable technology. The CuffLinc connects to your phone to send alerts to anyone on your pre-chosen network. It currently works only with iPhone and other Apple devices but work is going on to make it compatible with Android smartphones. The Cuff range is available for preorder online in the price range of $50 to $150.

Via: justluxe