Daniel Strom & Artya Collaborate To Bring Forth An All New Watch Collection

Two of the world renowned designers of exquisite luxury watches, Daniel Strom and Artya, have now joined hands to bring forth an all new watch collection in the form of Unique Piece 1/1 Watch Collection. Though, both the companies have hailed this collection a unique collaborative effort, yet at first glance, these time pieces seem more repulsive than alluring. The base watch in the collection is the Daniel Strom Agonium ‘Memento Mori, Carpe Diem’, that has been designed in a rather unconventional fashion and features a steel tonneau case, that itself is emblazoned with gothic skulls. This unique watch collection is based on a dark gothic theme and Artya has given its valuable input in the field of lightning disfiguring process for the steel case.

The Unique Piece 1/1 Watch Collection from Daniel Strom & Artya carries the motto, “I was what you are, and what I am you shall be”, which is a quote taken from the tombstone of a Roman legionary. The skull faced dials on this rather odd looking watch have been designed by Dominique Arpa-Cirpka, a division of Artya, where in the team has made use of special techniques, that include home-made paint, gold leaf and secret pigments. The entire Unique Piece 1/1 Watch Collection features a Swiss automatic movement and the cases are studded with sapphire crystals, while these time pieces are said to be water resistant till 50 meters. The Unique Piece 1/1 Watch Collection from Daniel Strom & Artya will carry a price tag of $13,175 a-piece, with only 88 pieces set for production.

Artya has been quite renowned in the designer watch segment, as this luxury watch brand last year came out with a special edition Halloween Spider Watch as well as the Farfalla Collection, that the company releases in earlier this year.