Danube Flower in Belgrade to Get a New Canopy

Belgrade isn’t exactly the place where you would find sweet romantic stories and tales about love and mirth. It is a city that has seen war, bloodshed and the apocalypse of what happens when religious and ethnic tensions brew. Despite all this, it is home to some of the most imposing buildings in Europe, and many of them are truly tasteful.

The Danube Flower at the Belgrade riverfront was built some thirty five years ago and used to house an exclusive restaurant whose first guest was General Tito. It was closed during the nineties and the building is now being revived through a project called Wellness Sky Project by 4of7. The architects and designers have come up with a roof that would resemble the cloud, in a translucent manner.

wellness sky project belgrade Danube Flower in Belgrade to Get a New Canopy

While opaque ceilings and roofs have been the norm, the new interior would feature 390 backlit panels with a variation in shape and size, and these are suspended from the ceiling in order to give the feeling of clouds hanging above you. They certainly look beautiful, and could be a major tourist attraction especially if the hotel becomes more organized.

Via: Travel with Frank Gehry

wellness sky project Danube Flower in Belgrade to Get a New Canopy