Designer Jeon Hwan Soo Comes Out With Handy Meter, A Digital Meter For Water Conservation

The will to save the environment isn’t only limited to the preservation of our climate and ecosystem, but it also involves the conservation of our precious natural resources, primarily being water. This life sustaining element though abundantly found in nature has for a long time been subjected to various means of pollution and worse, we have been developed a habit of wasting this God gifted resource. Now,  product designer Jeon Hwan Soo has come out with a great new concept that will not only help in curbing water wastage, but it will also help you in understanding the amount of water required for various tasks. The all new Handy Meter is a digital meter that has been designed as a concept for faucets and measures the flow of the water.

Highly beneficial for cooking purposes, the Handy Meter enables you to attach the device to the faucets and then measure the water flow, thereby eliminating the need of measure jugs. The readout of the water quantity is displayed via LED display in cubic centimeters. Though this new device is quite handy for kitchen purposes, yet the design lacks the automated feature of a water flow cut off. Meaning, that you can observe the amount of water being used, but you cannot pre-set a specific quantity and hope that the device will automatically cut off the water flow. However, despite its limitations, the Handy Meter is a versatile device that can even be used with  bottles, provided that the liquid density is same as the water.

Via Wired