Digg Rehashed or Revamped? A Keen Outlook

You could visit the new Digg to explore popular and upcoming top stories. The new Digg’s design depends on version v1. According to user’s preferences, it would be different from Reddit and also markedly different from its own former design. Now you don’t find the traditional design with story, headline and picture. The new avatar is just like news site which offers more space to articles and a bit elaborate stories but without pictures which will have more impact. The team will provide some mockups and is of the opinion that some stories are bigger with text; others may need images to narrate at its best.

New York based company Betaworks bought the social news website Digg earlier last month for $500,000 which includes all the traffic, data, code, and the domain.  Digg has been sold in three parts i.e., technology, website, and Digg brand.

The new owners are going to redesign the 8-year-old site and are slated to relaunch it on the 1st of August 2012. A team of engineers states that they would straighten the Digg v1 with screen shots, mockups and fresh code which would be a place to share interesting stories and read. The updated new Digg will be ad-free with the assistance of Realtime a search engine for the links.

The new team has taken lessons service News.me. The new site will focus what your friends are sharing and the new owners are open to the fact that the site will take some time.  The interesting stories on internet determine the interaction among smart people, smart network, and smart algorithms which shape the understanding of our own world as they have started with iPhone and iPad application and email which is a challenge to the design. The Digg launched in 2004 was different as the readers could participate and create.