Digital Cork That Can Masquerade As a Wine Evaluator

Wine lovers are going to love this digital cork more than their expensive bottles of wine. At some point or the other most of us have complained of getting a troubled stomach from drinking expired wine, but our only argument is, if we had known that the wine had expired then we would not have consumed it. Unless you plan to immerse a thermometer in your bottles to measure the temperature, you would not need this digital cork, but even if you do that you would not be find out the accurate expiry date of the wine.

This digital cork is designed by designer duo Eun ji Lim and Kwang wi Park. The extremely futuristic look of this digital cork would make you want to parade it in front of your friends. So, the next time you host a dinner party and plan to pop open a bottle of champagne or wine do not forget to use this, it will bring your envious friends to their knees. The display on the top of this cork clearly indicates the temperature of the wine bottle and flashes the date of expiry.

You can now safely bid adieu to all your expired wine related stomach problems, thanks to this digital cork. It is portable and rechargeable and hence it can be carried to any party you go to. You will not have to take any of your friend’s words on the quality of the wine you ingest, as you will have your own wine evaluator.

via: yankodesign