Digital Publisher Takes Up 44 Volume Reference Work

Digital publication is on a much stronger footing today. So far, typically it has been used as just another medium to enhance reach of a proven print content. It rarely takes up original content. But Logos Research Systems Inc. (LRS) has taken the unprecedented step of developing a 44-volume reference work, with a retail price of $2,195.95, specifically for digital publication.

The costs of printing and distribution has been increasing significantly in recent years eating into a publishers profitability. Vice President of LRS explained that in the business of digital publishing the customer relationship is the difference between success and failure. They are very confident about the relationship they have developed with their customers and have pre-order commitments to minimize risks even in a project of this size and scope.

Their confidence is not misplaced. In less than two weeks since announcing that work has begun on the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (EEC), pre-publication orders are on track to cover the estimated production costs. It will comprise of 44 volumes eventually, of commentary on the entire Bible written by a virtual “who’s who” in evangelical biblical scholarship. Authors include Eugene Merrill, John Oswalt, Stanley E. Porter, Ronald Youngblood, Eugene Mayhew, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., W. Hall Harris and dozens of other respected scholars.