Disneyland Tests Interactive Talking Mickey Mouse

A trip to Disneyland may become more interesting because the main attraction, Mickey Mouse, has started talking and interacting with guests. Disneyland has recently tested Talking Mickey and videos are unbelievable. The robotic interactive Mickey looks very real and it is hard to believe that no human being is impersonating as Mickey.

The homeland of all amazing and entertaining animated characters, Disneyland, enjoys lot of tourists through the year and is a popular destination for all kids. Till now, guests could pose with Mickey but recently some had rare experience of actual session with Talking Mickey during the test rounds of interactive robotic Mickey. Take a look at the videos below posted by the guests. This Mickey is unbelievable and doesn’t seem to follow any script while interacting spontaneously with the guests. Amazing! Kudos to the brains and team behind this, their five year effort seems to have paid off.

One has to constantly innovate and improvise with time and this interactive Mickey will be best added attraction to lure tourists. Though modern kids may be flooded with loads of animated cartoon characters but endearing Mickey will never lose popularity.