Does “Compensated Dating” Equal Prostitution?

Many teenage girls in Hong Kong, China are indulging in what they call “compensated dating”, a form of prostitution. In the last two years the number has only increased. More number of school girls is indulging in this to earn money for their shopping and other luxuries. Sze, (name has been changed) started with this “compensated dating” at a tender age of 16. Her first customer was a 40 year old man who skipped dinner and had sex in the guesthouse in exchange for money.

Sze shares her stories to warn many other girls in this world who may stray in the wrong path. She said that this form of dating where they get paid not only for going out with a man, but also to have sex is very common in all girls’ schools. Young girls get attracted to all designer clothes, shoes, and jewellery that fast money could buy. She was introduced to it by her classmates through chat forums where she met her male customers. Sze explains that although she made her conditions very clear in the telephone about the charges and the number of times she would have sex, she still had to deal with some pushy customers and some even refused to use protection. The risks of diseases in these teenage girls are very high. Safety is a major concern as well. A teenager was killed and flushed down by the toilet by a man named Ting-Kai-Tai who is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Such teenagers feel “compensated dating” is not prostitution as they think have control over the whole dating process. However, such mistakes are made by this age group. The girls are from all socio economic classes, not necessarily only from poor backgrounds. Social worker Chiu Tak-Choi is working with such girls and has helped many like Sze to overcome this. Sze now works for a hair salon.

Via: CNN

Sze- Compensated Dating