Launches An All New Highly Useful Apple iPhone App For The Loving & Caring Pet Owners

Since the launch of the immensely famous Apple iPhone series, the Apple Apps Store has been flooded with a plethora of applications ranging from business, entertainment, sports and covering a vast spectrum of other topics as well. Now, one of the foremost names in canine caretaking awareness, has now launched an all new application for the Apple iPhone, that has been designed and developed to assist the canine owners in gathering all the required information, whether it be a dog park or a trip across the country with their pet dog.

This all new application called, Dog Park Finder Plus, provides the users with information about local dog parks in both maps and list pages and these crucial details include ratings, fenced and un-fenced markers, on-leash rules, hours and days of operation etc. has also announced that, the 15% of all sales will be donated to, a non profit organization, that is known to be the largest in North America and focuses on adoption of homeless pets. This noble and enormous agency so far displays 155,000 pets for adoption at over 9,200 animal shelter throughout the North American continent and is actively supported as well as sponsored by Purina and Bayer Animal Health.

According to Greg Holsclaw (Creative Team, Dog Park Finder Plus),

“Through the use of innovative new tools, we hope to broadcast new dog parks and news about current parks to loving pet owners through our improved Dog Park Finder Plus, and we’re very excited to benefit homeless pets while we do so that every dog can be lucky enough to enjoy a day at the park.”

Via PR Web