Dolce and Gabbana’s latest is an Animalier bicycle

Bicycles have paddled their way to the world of fashion and chic bikes with funky designs seem to be in vogue. That girls who love their bags will also like bikes is a trend that our designers are trying very hard to set. After enthralling fashionist as with their bags, accessories and garments, design house like Hermes, Chanel and Gucci have all launched their line of designer bikes. None of them took the fashion world by storm since they all restrained themselves from swinging on the wild side.

Every time there’s an ebb in the fashion industry, trust Dolce and Gabbana to spice things up. Be it their advertisements with contentious subjects or their photo ban controversies that has invited the angst of the masses, this designer duo from Italy surely know how to be in the limelight. Will it’s not always the controversies that have given Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna the name, fame and fortune. Friends and partners in crime they in the past have designed luxury items that are formal and timeless and including everything from watches to clothing and perfumes to purses. They also gave cell phones that very bling look by launching the limited edition Motorola Gold Razr V3i.

The latest in the line of style created by D&G is an Animalier bicycle. While the rival designer house tried to sober things down, Dolce and Gabbana added the much wanted gusto to their bike meant only for the gals. The bike which comes with a hefty price tag of $2,236 which is around 1700 Euros will be available only in selected Dolce and Gabanna outlets worldwide. Some of the stores include the ones in Milan, Paris, London, Madrid and Tokyo.

If you intend to buy this bike and set the town on fire then road on to know more about its features and what is so Dolce-esque about this bike that has got everyone in the world of fashion raving about this designer machine with paddles.

The Animal Bike

This limited edition trendy bike comes with a fixed gear. The bike also has a traditional rear and head light which gets activated by the pedal and also has 18 radii wheels. The leather seat and a black bell with a Dolce and Gabanna plaque give the bike the much needed oomph factor and add a little more flare.

To give it that Dolce-esque look that we were talking about, the designers have added a 24K Gold gliding. The plastic coated aluminium basket in the front brings down the ‘wilderness’ of the bike and gives it that delicate feminine touch. The bike mechanics such as the brake engines have been concealed and thus give the bike a very non hassled look.

So this spring lay your hands on this very trendy, funky yet ornate and elegant Dolce and Gabbana bike. Set a style statement as you paddle around the town and get all the attention as you ride this wild machine.

Via Purseblog