dRMM’s Sliding House: Move your Walls, Play your Home

Move over motels and caravans! Here is an entire house that moves! Built at Suffolk, England, Sliding House, as its architecture firm dRMM name it, has mobile walls and a roof that glides along rails to cover its static parts.

It has elements of vernacular farm buildings, bungalows, caravans, garages and outhouses.

It blends the local architecture with an amazing sense of design. Its sliding walls help create and recreate outdoor and indoor areas of the house, alter light flow and views.

In reality, it is three separate structures and a garage unified by the 50-tonne sliding wall that can cover them all together. The outer wall of Sliding House moves along a 28 meter track and can sit over any part of the house’s 16 meters linear frame. It is made of steel, timber, insulation and unstained larch. Wall movement is powered by hidden motors on `bogeys’ that are merged in the wall thickness.

It has also a greenhouse like structure that is part of the design, but looks distinct. Radically different in approach from other architects. Imagine getting to move your home walls through seasons and sunlight!

Via: Gizmodo/Homedesignfind/Dezeen