Ecco, the Concept Car by Nau is a Futuristic Camper

The designers at Nau come from multiple disciplines and together they create things that are unique to say the least. Their latest creation called the Ecco concept car is simply described by them as a zero emissions mobile living solution but in reality it is the wackiest futuristic camper you have ever seen. None of the design element that has gone into creating the Ecco is straight or simple. The shape of the mobile has designed in such a way as to cut back on wind resistance and the elongated profile gives it the required space that a camper must provide.

It is rather difficult to describe Ecco in words. To give you some idea, one can say that it is a Microbus, an Airstream, and an EV rolled into one sleek, shiny aluminum pod. As it is a zero emissions vehicle it is powered by electric motors that run on batteries and the batteries get their charge from the solar panels. When the vehicle is in the parking mode the PV cell studded membrane roof folds out like an accordion to suck up more solar power for later use. The membrane roof also operates like a pop top and expands to accommodate a sleeping loft.

The total dimension of the vehicle is 8 feet wide and 15 feet long but the layout of the interior has been designed so well that it accommodates a kitchen, a living area, a toilet and shower, and an extra bed. The design team at Nau deserves to be congratulated for translating not only their imagination but their fantasy into a functional design. They have dared to dream and innovate and the result is distinctive and captivating. Automobiles have been a source of inspiration since long but Ecco inspires us to be free.

Via: fastcodesign