Eco-Friendly Cool Cap Keeps You Cool On Sunny Days

The summer months are soon approaching and people’s desire to stay cool without increasing the electricity bill and harming the environment have everyone going slightly bonkers. With the right gadget though, it isn’t such a difficult thing to accomplish.

The Cool Cap has a fan attached to the bill of the cap that will keep cool breezes going your way. Powering this fan is not batteries or electricity but solar energy. How much more eco-friendly can you get? A solar panel on the top of the cap will keep the fan going, so this would be just the perfect cap to wear to the baseball matches during the summer season. On the other hand, it might not be such a great idea to wear this while you’re sitting at home trying to watch TV.

The Cool Cap is available only in blue at just $4 from Geeks and has a 90 day warranty. Supported by geeks, the Cool Cap comes ‘without the geek attached’. If you decide to buy this cap and wear it then you would be accepted by geeks everywhere!

Via: ChipChick