Eco Journals through Sugarcane

At first glance nearly everyone out there would get astounded over this headline since nobody would have ever thought of reading or writing to be such a nature savvy experience? Actually it’s an emblematic human propensity that whenever something innovative comes out of someone’s intellect we confer it awfully apprehensive look.

But this time in reality I have come across an exceptionally amazing, risk-free green novelty which would irrefutably be greeted by every single one. As it is an exquisite blend of artistically hip and gratifying green views, it would be acceptable to just about each and every faction of society.

In fact a Brooklyn-based company named “Five and a Half” has initiated a green initiative of practicing maintain able periodicals and journals in the creation of which not even a single tree or a being is debilitated. These long term preservable journals made out of sugar cane trail fibers and used off secondhand paper are apposite for all ink, paint, pastel, charcoal and graphite writing on them.

I guess that this out of box green thinking publicized by “Five and a Half” would soon become a regularized ingredient of our daily lives.

Via TrendHunter