Eco Navi: All Knowing New Washing Machine

Wished your washing machine could measure the sweat on your dirty sweaters, shirts and jeans? Believe it or not, it’s possible!

Called Eco-Navi by Panasonic, it uses a light-activated sensor to detect dirt levels. Sweat stains on the other hand, it detects through a sensor that apparently sends tiny electrical impulses through the wash as it spins. The new and intelligent washing machine was displayed at the ongoing CEATEC, Japan.

The product is aimed at bringing down unnecessary use of water in removing stains specifically and washing clothes in general. How does that possibly happen? This machine helps bring down power consumption from 79 watt hours to 72 watt hours.

Water use for the machine can be brought down from as high as 72 liters, to 67 liters per load. The machine went on retail sale recently in Japan.

Priced at a high $ 3,000, you can surely expect it to drop over the months, like with any other electronic product. Such machines are an urgent need in a market known for its excessive water consumption.

Via: DiscoverMagazine

Panasonic Eco-Navi Washing Machine