Ecohabitare: The Coolest Vertical Garden Designed by Daniele Adamo and Ravel Casela

Blame it on urbanization, modernization or globalization, in this fast moving world, the land available for farming is becoming limited by the day. If the same trend is continued for a long time, this can pose a great threat to a lot of people in future. Daniele Adamo and Ravel Casela both of whom are industrial designers have come up with a unique garden called “Ecohabitare”.


This portable vertical garden can fit in a wall just 3 meters long. Indeed this innovative design should be welcomed and encouraged. Apparently, the cool garden is made from flat plates manufactured from recycled packages and different types of plastics. Since the garden is portable, it can be easily installed in homes, companies and apartments without having to worry about not having a farming land. It also doesn’t require a great amount of water.

It takes only 20 minutes to harvest and irrigate daily. You can grow your favorite vegetables and fruits in this vertical garden. However, the designers opine that it is best suitable for growing chives, parsley, tomato, basil, mint, bold, strawberry and rosemary. You can change the fertilized soil only once a year and add new seeds at that time. This is the coolest way to start gardening.

Via: CribCandy