Eery Cupcakes Specially For Halloween And Mass Murders

Baking and cakes are no longer the sweet tasting innocent game of kids. Sometimes, things can get ugly and the Chef could be killed just as he was taking his last batch of cupcakes out of the over and the gruesome ordeal would be witnessed by the sweet things.

These cupcakes seem to be from some eerie Halloween part that went very very wrong. Perhaps the friends who gathered to watch Friday the 13th were visited by Chucky or Freddy or some other serial killer and were forced to witness their wrath instead of enjoying the delicacies. Splattered with blood, the cupcakes seem to be bleeding under the pure evil force of the knives that stabbed them. Apparently, they were made by Lethargic who wanted to enjoy them during the Dexter premier but if you never heard of Lethargic after that night, well, you know what happened..

These cupcakes were probably what were served at the Last Supper and hauntingly lives on to mysteriously appear just before someone is back-stabbed. Wait! What’s that I hear? It’s Freddy, run for your lives!

Via: Neatorama