Eggasus Electric Car: An Egg Shaped Eco-friendly Transporter

With a growing economy, there is a significant number of car buyers compounding the problems of cars on congested roads. The world’s fastest growing car market needs innovative zero-emission and compact vehicles which lessen noise and air pollution, parking problems and traffic congestion. The electric car Eggasus is an alternative solution for urban travel. This unique vehicle is the futuristic transportation having in the front wheel an electric hub motor featuring comfortable single seat to facilitate easy driving, tinted windows and an enclosed cab which protects the driver from external elements.

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Its top speed is 25 mph. At present there is not much information about price, power, and range. The egg shaped car will be launched in US this fall. It is designed for a single traveler to move around comfortably with zero emissions. The developers describe the transportation device as safe, practical, and economical. The Eggasus team has designed the prototype vehicle who is involved in engineering, construction and production of the electric three wheeled vehicle for more than 25 years. They have built special race cars and concept cars. Manufacturing more than 100,000 of vehicles they have marketed throughout world. Some vehicles are also featured in Hollywood movies.

Eggasus is a solution for urbanites as well as an ideal transportation for intra-campus and to advertise a billboard. The team has been taking orders through funding site Indiegogo and planning to start production this year. Pre-production models are priced at $5,000 per piece.  Dealers get discount if they buy in bulk.