Egypt Erupts After Tunisia, Will It Have Same Fall-Out?

Recent Tunisian uprising seems to have woken up a part of the world which has been quiet and suffering for a long time under dictatorial regimes. Egypt is witnessing wide-spread protests against the corrupt ruling authoritarian government led by President Hosni Mubarak who has been at helm for nearly 30 years. The protests have turned violent and there have been instances of self-immolation bids, protestors have torched governing party headquarters and police stations and hundreds have been injured as a result of street fights with police. There is nationwide curfew but protesters are defying orders and are demanding end to dictatorial regime of Mr. Mubarak.

Political observers feel its very unlikely that Egypt will see 82 year old Mubarak leave the country like the Tunisian dictator did couple of weeks ago. President Hosni Mubarak has already imposed curfew and has ordered military deployment and blockage on communications (just like Iran did when protesters came out in streets in large numbers last year protesting against elections). But still widespread protests have pushed Hosni Mubarak into corner and he has asked his corrupt ministers to step down immediately.

Tunisia uprising has inspired masses in neighboring Middle East nations to voice their strong dissent against rising prices, unemployment, lack of basic needs and other grave issues. Similar protesting voices are been heard in Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Saudi Arabia but only in Egypt protests have erupted on a large scale and dictatorial regime is facing strong opposition from its own people. Once just hopes military will exercise restraint against protestors and won’t bleed Egypt.

Via The New York Times