Electrifying Burglar Alarm Made from Tesla Coils

The most annoying thing to hear in the middle of the night as you drift into blissful sleep is the loud and jarring noise of your neighbour’s car burglar alarm going off. Most of the time, the alarm is set off not by someone actually trying to steal that piece of junk, but the young hooligans trying to have some fun.

In limbo between deep and wakeful state, I’ve often wished I could electrocute the annoying brats for ruining my sleep and with it my chances of spending the night with di Caprio. This Australian eccentric must have been visited by the same brats because he has decided to make my wish come true. Peter’s zany car burglar alarm is made with Tesla coils placed on top of the car with a rod attached that extends to the ground. Switching this apparatus on would release electrifying sparks that encircle the car making the burglar feel like he is imprisoned in an electric cell.

Whether this weird burglar alarm would actually keep your car safe or not doesn’t really bother me at this point. Anything that looks this creative should be given credit for and, let’s face it, it’s so much cooler than ear-splitting beep-beep sounds.

Via: Walyou