Enchanting Tree Brings a Poetic Charm to Champagne Serving Ritual

How you serve the champagne also makes a difference to the atmosphere and the celebration. ‘Enchanting Tree’, the name given to the Perrier Jouet Champagne Tree is a new solution that takes forward the glorified art of champagne service. Winter is behind us and this champagne tree is the most appropriate creation that would help us welcome the spring. It is not just a toy created for the ultra rich but adds charm to the concept of welcoming spring in full bloom. Tord Boontje, the designer of the Enchanting Tree has created a gold leafy structure that holds the champagne flutes with the Perrier Jouet champagne in the middle.

Source of Inspiration
It is a Fine Example of a Fusion of Modernism with Minimalism
Apart from the looks of the tree, the feel is fascinating as one feels that you are plucking the champagne flute like a fruit. It is spring time when the first fruits appear on trees. Through this Enchanting Tree the designer has tried to recreate the spring season and replaced the fruits with champagne flutes. The designer claims that he was inspired to create this replica of a tree while his many walks in the forest. He has observed the behaviour of nature from very close quarters and was fascinated by the interaction between light and nature. What he has created is a fine example of a fusion between modernism and minimalism.

Enchanting Tree by Tord Boontje for Perrier_Jouet
The Design has Been Executed Perfectly by Handcraftsmanship
Perrier Jouet has a long history of an association with nature. In 1902, Emile Galle had created special artworks by spraying white anemones for Perrier Jouet bottles. Tord Boontje with his Enchanting Tree has taken the concept forward. Galle’s design has been given definite form and shape of objects. The design has been executed perfectly through the highest order of handcraftsmanship. Each of the handcrafted leaves is soldered individually to make up the tree. The anemones have been lacquered in white individually. One has to admit that the Enchanting Tree has a poetic charm about it which is very difficult to resist. You can’t find a better way of welcoming the spring.

The Designer Tord Boontje