Escalating Number of Deaths, Beheadings, and Murders in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

The number of government soldiers and police that Mexican President Felipe Calderon has sent on a troop surge to combat narco-terrorism in Ciudad Juarez is 11,000. The Mexico-US border town, gleaning from the war-like environment it is in now, is a no man’s land where drug cartel syndicate gangsters cleverly evade one another and the Mexican military personnel. Ciudad Juarez has been in dire need of a solution to address the prevalent violence of organized crime and drug trafficking.

Death comes so easily in Ciudad Juarez. Very recently, the corpses of nine people, three of whom were women and a municipal police officer, were found in a clandestine cemetery or common grave in the southeast section of Ciudad Juarez. According to authorities, the bodies had been buried for about two months in the cemetery that was discovered last Friday by Mexican authorities who were alerted by an anonymous telephone call. According to initial reports, four of the bodies were beheaded and their hands tied behind their backs.

In the Columbia Journalism Review entitled ‘Reporting the Drug War,’ the prevalence of death and the ease to kill are described so graphically, “In the Juarez morgue, the three walk-in freezers are filled to capacity with more than 90 corpses, stacked floor to ceiling, in leaking white bags with zippers. After a few months, those who are not identified are buried in a field at the city cemetery at the edge of the desert.”

Soon after the discovery of the common grave, three gunmen shot dead former mayor Dimas Arzeta Cisneros of Guerrero state. In the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico, three alleged kidnappers were arrested after killing a person. And in Guadalajara, a man was arrested for throwing a grenade at a patrol.


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