Euphrates is drying and dying

Euphrates is drying. Strangled by the politics of the neighbors’ from Iraq water, Turkey and Syria; two years of drought and years of inadequate use for Iraq and their farmers, the river is significantly smaller of the than there are just few years. Some authorities fear that soon can be the half than it was.

The shrink of Euphrates, such a crucial river for the birth of the civilization that the Book of the Apocalypse prophesied its drought as a sign of the end of the times, it has been decimating the farms along their margins it has been leaving impoverished fishermen and emptied the cities to the edge of the river, as the farmers flee for larger cities in search of work.

The poor suffer more acutely, but all of the social strata are feeling the effects: checks, diplomats and even members of the Parliament that leave for their farms after weeks in Baghdad.

Along the river, the fields of rice and wheat they became arid earth. The channels shrank for shallow streams and the fishing boats are stagnated in the earth dries. Bombs that sought to feed the plants of treatment of water balance uselessly on brown puddles.

The more frequently accused mentioned are the Turkish and Syrian governments. Iraq has a lot of water, but it is a country that is “below” them. There is at least seven dams in Euphrates in Turkey and in Syria, according to the Iraquian authorities of water, and without any treaty or agreement, the Iraquian government is reduced to implore for water close to their neighbors.

Via: NYT.