Everybody wants a piece of the Apple pie!

Apple shares registered a rise on Wall Street on Thursday (24), after the newspaper Financial Times report, through the blog, the company will release its tablet (laptop) next month.

The shares rose 3.44% to U.S. $ 209.06, at 13h in New York, surpassing the previous record of U.S. $ 208.71.

The move came after the “Financial Times”, citing “people informed with the plans,” said the blog that Apple has hired an art gallery in San Francisco to make an “announcement of a key product,” on January 26.

Speculation about a tablet computer company, following Macintosh computers, the iPhone and iPod have been around for years. The “FT” notes that there are a number of recent reports that “suggest that the debut of the tablet will be in January.”

Apple is seen as a company that likes to keep secrets about their products, and refused to comment on speculation about the “iTablet” or “iPad”. Analysts speculate that the tablet has a size of an iPod Touch with the low cost of a netbook.

However, to be very honest, the next best thing from Apple, besides their awesome products, it’s its marketing. Tme “misterious”, the “rumors”, always seem to benefit that company. Good for Apple!

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Via FT.