Expectant Mother Now To Get Pregancy Tips On Cell Phone Via The Text4baby Campaign

One of the most common causes of the rise in the infant mortality rate is the lack of information to the pregnant women, because of which, more often than not, certain crucial aspects of pregnancy care are overlooked, thus leading to the deaths of the infants. However, with the initiation of an all text message campaign, called the text4baby, the organizers hope to achieve their goal of providing the vital tips to the expectant mothers, so they can carry out an uneventful pregnancy.

The text4baby campaign is a free service initiative from Voxiva with sponsorship from some of the biggest names in the commercial sector, such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, WellPoint and CareFirst BlueCross and Blue Shield and the two of the biggest wireless carriers in the U.S, Verizon and AT&T have also accepted their part of the responsibility by waving the charges for the incoming text messages on their networks. The entire campaigns works on the system of sending text messages containing wellness tips to the pregnant women, thereby keeping them updated with the care and precaution they need to exercise during the nine months of child birth.

Recent studies had revealed that, text messages were one of the most effective means information distribution and in many cases, this method even led to reduction in smoking habits of pregnant mothers. Due to the fact that, 90% of the U.S population carry cell phones, the text message program is the most viable of all available options.

According to Paul Meyer (President, Voxiva),

“Especially if you start talking about low-income people, cell phones are the indispensable tool for reaching them and engaging them about their health.”

Via ABC News

voxiva Expectant Mother Now To Get Pregancy Tips On Cell Phone Via The Text4baby Campaign