Exploring the World of Alternative Luxury Holidays

While economists continue to discuss the economic recovery in the UK, it is fair to say that consumer spending remains volatile. Although the majority of British households are spending more in the wake of improved economic sentiment, there is no guarantee that this will be sustained indefinitely into 2014 and beyond.

There are some trends being established by modern consumer spending. One is the growing inclination if consumers to spend online, especially when they shop for more expensive items such as luxury holidays. While this trend was certainly exacerbated by the stormy weather in October, the rise to prominence of online shopping can hardly be ignored.

 Luxury Travel Ideas for 2014

 In terms of booking luxury travel, for example, online shopping delivers the potential for vast financial savings. This means that as a consumer you can purchase more lavish holiday experiences, without being forced to spend outside of your means. The World Wide Web also empowers you to explore the wonderful world of alternative luxury travel, and the destinations that offer a genuinely unique experience.

Consider the following: –

 A Trip to Antarctica

 Known affectionately as the Great White Continent, Antarctica is a unique, exotic and romantic destination that offers a once in a life time travel experience. It is a trip that very few individuals have taken, as you travel through the picturesque Falkland Islands and South Georgia towards the south Atlantic islands. With a unique diversity of wildlife, haunting scenery and the occasional friendly local, Antarctica will change your perspective on what constitutes a luxury trip abroad. To find out more, visit the Hurtigruten website at your earliest convenience.

A Voyage to Disko Bay and the Southern Fjords in Greenland

Luxury means alternative things to different people, and cost is not the only way to judge the value that a destination has to offer. Take the Disko Bay and Southern Fjords, for example, which are uncelebrated regions in the south of Greenland that are rarely visited by international visitors. These are lands therefore offer something unique and unspoiled by trappings of contemporary life, with traditional Inuit settlements and historic Viking monuments populating your scarcely traversed course. Surrounded by an impressive Alpine landscape, they are unique destinations that will provide you with a lifetime of memories.

Visit the Norwegian Fjords

On the subject of Fjords, British travellers in search of alternative luxury may wish to consider booking a voyage to Norway. The Norwegian Fjords represent an exceptional travelling experience, which is particularly suitable for couples in search of romance and solitude. The region is populated with beautiful fjords, including Lysefjord, Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord, while the surrounding coastal landscape will literally take your breath away. In addition to this, visitors can also enjoy picturesque scenery and unspoiled market village, which offer an insight into an entirely different way of life. The Norwegian Fjords are also rich in cultural heritage, meaning that there is something for everyone regardless of their preferences or tastes.