Facebook Revamps The ‘Like’ Button With Full News Feed Story On Third Party Websites

Since the emergence of Facebook in the social networking realm and the subsequent popularization of the website amounting to a whopping 600 million user base, Facebook has been expanding its reach all over web with its famous Facebook ‘Like’ button, that is now found just about every website you visit and is considered to be one of the most vital promotional tool on the web. Now, Facebook has finally revamped the convention Like button, where in when the users click on the button, it provides the full news feed story, as against the one-line Recent Activity story. Facebook has now down away with the aging ‘Like with Comment’ that enabled the users to publish their preferred content from third parties, inclusive of headlines, thumbnail images, and captions. The social networking behemoth is also planning to phase out the ‘Share’ button and replace its functions with a universal Like button.

The most significant advantage of the new ‘Like’ button is that, it now publishes the entire news feed story with images, thereby making it more attractive and providing other users with a more detailed description of what they are looking at, thereby saving them the time of going to the specific webpage and understand the gist of the content. In the year 2010, Facebook had launched the social integration tools for websites at the F8 conference and since then, these tools have been used by nearly 2.5 million websites across the globe. Facebook also opening its social integration plugins to developers, thereby enabling them to use their functions for social games and Facebook applications.

Via Inside Facebook