Fallen Leaves Turn into Disposable Dishes, Courtesy: Verterra

Fallen leaves are always considered as garbage in many households. We often end up burning them or dumping them in the compost to decompose. Venterra here has turned them into cutlery. These dishes made their debut at the most recent Natural Products Expo East and strolled away with the Best New Green/Environmentally-friendly Product Award.

Wondering how fallen leaves became dinnerware? I’ll tell you- The leaves shed by plants are collected and gushed with water under pressure. Then steam is passed over these leaves and then they are UV sterilized. Later, they are molded into the attractive dishware you see here. This whole process doesn’t involve use of any chemicals, or gums, or any other toxic agents and uses only a part of energy that would’ve been spent if the same leaves were recycled.

The dishes are eco-friendly and can be safely used both in a refrigerator and a microwave. They are 100% compostable and biodegrade naturally within 2 months of manufacture. They will also add an extra beauty and variety to your cutlery collection. So, the next time you go shopping for a dinner set, try getting this one.
Source: GreenMachines