Final Fantasy multiplayer?

After its launch in April for mobile phones – which has called attention to the market again, the epic Final Fantasy will undergo some modifications to the web.

Apparently, the game will undergo some changes in order to integrate the new world of games, highlighting the characteristics of multiplayer.

Yoichi Wada, director of Square Enix, developer of the game, said that in the future, all games that the company will create multiplayer and will integrate with social media, including Final Fantasy, says the site Metro.

Wada believes that people who developed games for 20 years are not adapted to the new world of games and the requirements for pleasing the public today, says the company tries “to change the old culture, trying to bring new blood to the games”.

According to Wada, the best characteristics of these modern games are multiplayer modes and of Integration with social media, and that the motion controls and the new 3D is not all that. According to the Square Enix’s head, “The 3D is not bad, just more or less”.

The study highlights the importance of the Final Fantasy for the development of Japanese RPG games, remembering that it was with its launch in 1987.

Via: Metro.