Finally ebooks with soundtrack

Publishers can now prepare to capitalize fortunes with sales of eBooks with tracks and sound effects.

According to English information newspaper The Telegraph, using a technology that can calculate the speed with which the reader reads the text, eBooks will play a soundtrack to that specific section of the narrative and add the corresponding sounds as the action unfolds.

The first e-book with soundtrack, released in the UK last Friday, 26, was “A Study in Scarlet,” from the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle, which includes sounds of rain, the desperate cries and other artificial sounds that make reading even more compelling.

Books of the English Oscar Wilde also and Rudyard Kipling (born in India, but the son of English) are also available – will soon be the time of Shakespeare.

The exciting technology was developed by Booktrack company, founded by Peter Thiel, one of the leading directors of the of the Facebook and creator of PayPal

The company claims that the tracks have audio quality film, and providing an immersion never before delivered in ebooks. For Thiel, the technology has the ability to make the rates of readers worldwide increase substantially.

For now, books with soundtrack runs on tablets like the Apple iPad and in the Samsung Galaxy, but not in Amazon’s Kindle eReader.

Via: The Telegraph.