Firefox 3.6 is coming

Called by the nickname “Namoroka”, Firefox 3.6 is a minor update to Firefox 3.5 launched in late June and will be finalized in November this year. It will serve as an intermediary for Firefox 3.7, scheduled for 2010, according to Mozilla.

According to the organization, the first alpha of Firefox 3.6 includes improvements in speed for the component TraceMonkey JavaScript and common tasks like opening new windows inside the browser and load pages marked as favorites.

However, other than planned, Mozilla didn’t launched Firefox 3.6 Beta on Friday (16/10). The official launch of the beta version of the browser should only be out Wednesday (21/10), a day before the release of Windows 7.

Firefox 3.6 Beta will have some small improvements over browser version 3.5. Among the additions are new themes, improved content playback JavaScript, synchronization of bookmarks, improvements in the restoration of sessions and checking supplements outdated.

Users interested in knowing what’s new in Firefox 3.6 can download a test version of the beta browser. For being a preview version Namoroka may not have not all functions activated and there may be bugs. The only way to find out is installing and testing because soon a new version will come out and all the bugs can be reported to Mozilla.

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