Firefox 4 for Android seems to be a good option


Mozilla has released some beta versions of Firefox 4 for Android that received harsh criticism for too long (compared to other browsers) it takes to load. Well, here is the final version and the charging time is still not their strong point … On the other hand, Firefox 4 has its attractions.

It is interesting to analyze the final version of Firefox 4 for Android having carefully read and commented on this comparative browsers available for the platform. Thus, one can observe that each browser has its pros and cons and the strengths of Firefox consist in its solid performance when it comes to processing JavaScript and that it provides excellent synchronization between the mobile version and that used on the desktop.

Translated, a frequent user of the Mozilla browser on your desktop has reason to be attracted by the browser version for Android, a view that it is possible to keep both versions in sync with respect to favorites, saved passwords etc.. Moreover, who makes frequent use of the smartphone to access web apps can be benefited by the good advantage that the browser displays the performance with JavaScript.

With regard to the availability of add-ons, Firefox Mobile also stands out, just playing with Dolphin HD in this regard. The two are by far the best served extra resources between browsers available for Android.

Perhaps these two benefits, in addition, to compensate for the fact that the browser take a little longer to load and display a read time of pages slightly larger than that observed in the native browser of Android 2.3.

Via: NDTV.