Fitness Cube: Your Personal High-Tech Gym at Home

Life is busy and it is so hard to get off our butts and head towards the gym at the end of a hard day to get rid of that beer belly and the additional love handles that seem to be making themselves a part of our ex-sexy physique. But when Mohmed wouldn’t go to the mountain, the mountain went to him. And what makes us any less special?

The engineers from French company know how to make you feel special and instead of encouraging you to head towards the gym, they are bringing the gym right to the heart of your own cosy home. The Fitness Cube is a compact Pandora’s Box that holds within it the possibility to carry out 30 different exercises. Here’s the chance to firm up your buttocks and build those bi- and triceps without even going through the embarrassment of having people giggle at your flab. It offers 8 different adjustable positions of difficulty and transforms into a bench with just one click of a button.

Available in different colours, the Fitness Cube is small enough (50x50x50) and light enough (15kgs) to be easily stowed away in a cupboard while not in use. If you’ve always dreamt of appreciative glances and wolf-whistles, then get yourself the Fitness Cube from the house of Decathlon at just 150 Euros.

Via: LeBlogDeco