Former U.S Vice President Al Gore’s Book ‘Our Choice’ Turned Into An Interactive iPad App

One of the foremost advocates of environment conservation and the former U.S Vice President Al Gore is now available on the Apple iPad tablet, with an all new application, that has taken his bestselling book, Our Choice and turned it into an interactive application for the device. This highly creative endeavor was embarked upon by the start-up company, Push Pop Press. This new interactive application for the iPad was unveiled by the stealth start-up firm at the Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) conference and the company has worked hard to achieve a more interactive interface to the book, first published in the year 2009.

Push Pop Press has designed the new application to make it media rich bring to the users, w hole new perspective of the book. Our Choice, in its iPad application form comes with an hour and a half of video, along with, 20 interactive infographics and the images in the book have been embedded in the app with a geo-tag spin to them, where in the users can now know, where the photographs were taken. One of the most astounding infographics of Our Choice iPad app is, where users can adjust the deforestation data of a featured country as well as understand the wind and energy output potential of any the U.S states. Al Gore has given his contribution in the development of this remarkable application, as he narrates certain parts of the book, thus keeping the readers engaged throughout this phenomenal experience.

According to Mike Matas (Co-founder, Push Pop Press),

“Most of what you see here is done in a reusable way so we could build another book like this very, very easily.”