Fragrance Jet II by Keio University Researchers Still in the Process of Making

Imagine if there was a machine that can detect the smell of an individual. Some of the researchers at Keio University are still putting their hands together at inventing a hardware that can detect the smell of a person. This unfathomable hardware called Fragrance Jet II uses basic inkjet printer, which produces fragrance of a few seconds.

The researchers aim to help the healthcare professionals for them to assess the patient’s sense of smell. The whole thing seems to work in a very interesting manner. The Fragrance Jetlite II comes with a high degree of control granularity that permits the varying of intensity and the duration of a scent. It then provides an accurate measurement of a person’s olfactory acuity. What is even more interesting is that these researchers are also aiming at a mobile prototype with the similar features.

If this works then instead of your caller tunes, your mobile phone will produce a fragrance that will let you recognise the caller. You could literally personalize your callers depending on their smells. If this hardware ever hits the market, I am more than certain that a lot of people will grab their hands on this. Looks like, now technology has entered the olfactory zone. I hope this happens soon.

Via: MosIcskeio\Kllkeioac\Engadget