Freaky Hangover Cures: Dare To Try It!

The New Year and all that’s great and merry about celebrations could never be awesome enough without getting drunk to your t-bone and throwing up on someone’s best shoes. As the world gets ready with their list of New Year resolutions, you may want to decide which hangover cure you would be willing to try this year before heading out for that party. We already know most of the reasons for why we get a hangover, but what really are the best ways to cure one? Most drinkers would recommend loads of water, rest and some light food. But who wants a simple cure when there are so many zany options available from all around the world.

40Cozy gives their list on the eight bizarrest hangover cures from around the world. Booze has been popular for centuries and that is obvious because the ancient Greeks’ recipe for a hangover is to have a breakfast of sheep lungs and two owl eggs. Fellow Romans believed in munching on deep-fried canaries and Haitians insist sticking 13 pins into the offending bottle would completely cure you. The Irish have a strange custom to cure hangovers: burying the person in moist river sand (if not done properly though, this cure may become permanent). And the Wild West was wild indeed because the seriously wasted would down seriously bad-tasting cups of bunny-poo tea. Sicilians didn’t just give the world Mafia, they also gave us the famous hangover cure: dried bull’s penis.

Other bizarre cures include ten minutes on an oxygen tank recommended by military men and the Aussie Hangover Cure which turns out to be a pizza made up of French fries and four cheese burgers! Romania, the country of vampires recommend heading straight to the castle kitchens for a bowl of tripe soup to cure hangovers (though I am not sure if this recipe is for hangovers resulting from binging on booze or AB +ve).

All tried and done, the best way to get rid of a hangover is to kiss your bottle again, or you could opt for the more pleasurable cure suggested by one reader on BBC: sex the morning after!


Via: 40Cozy