Freelance Writer For The Guardian, Paul Carr, Laid Off

The Guardian, a Guardian Media Group newspaper, that is extremely renowned in the United Kingdom, laid off one of its prized freelance writers, Paul Carr, who was an avid contributor and writer for the daily’s ‘Not Safe For Work‘ column. The lay off came in the wake of The Guardian’s diminishing freelance budget. Even though Paul gave a though to write for the esteemed journal for free, yet he decided against it and let himself go from the daily. Paul Carr announced his disassociation with The Guardian via his Twitter page and his personal blog.

According to Paul Carr

“Having said all that, I will miss the outlet the Guardian gave me every week; to boast and swear and talk about things that were on my mind. I’m not sure there’s another UK paper that would give me such freedom – and for that reason I’ll be eternally grateful to my former paymasters. And I’ll miss them, like a sometimes-mental, socialist former girlfriend.”

However, one of the most popular technology blogs on the web, TechCrunch has hired Paul for their European division. According to TechCrunch owner, Michael Arrington,

“Carr will write a weekly column for TechCrunch and TechCrunch Europe each Saturday morning. Look for his first post at the end of this week. You may also see his name pop up from time to time on other posts as well.”

Many believe that laying off Paul Carr is going to be huge loss for The Guardian, as his ‘ Not Safe For Work’ was one of the most widely read by users. However, now that, Paul is going to be working for TechCrunch, we can expect the blog to gain more popularity than it already has garnered.

Via Blog Herald, Guardian & TechCrunch.

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