Fresh New Taliban Attacks Rock Pakistan

The death of Taliban leader, Baitullah Mehsud, head of Taliban operations in Pakistan in August this year, has rocked Pakistan with a violent backlash from Taliban and other insurgent and militant forces. The volatile region of South Waziristan, along with major Pakistani cities have erupted in a string of violent attacks, in the last one week, that have numerous lives and have left scores of injured. Today’s attack left 41 people dead, including 6 soldiers, 35 civilians and more than 45 injured.

Monday witnessed yet another suicide bomber targeted the Pakistani military forces and killed 41 people. This latest attack comes in the wake of a weekend long battle between the Taliban and the security forces, after militant fighters infiltrated and lay siege to the Pakistani Army Headquarters. The Taliban have long announced that the military of Pakistan will be the prime target, since they helped the CIA in accomplishing the missile strike that eliminated Baitullah Mehsud.

According to Khan Bahadur Khan (Shangla Police),

“It appears to be a suicide attack. The bomber hit one of three military vehicles that were passing through the busiest market in the district.”

Some estimates suggest that, the hit on the Army HQ involved the fighters from a Punjabi unit, a revelation if confirmed, would further solidify the fact that the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other militant groups may have joined hands and that would make them a formidable force. In a statement after the Army HQ attack, Taliban spokesperson, Azam Tariq said,

“It was carried out by our Punjab unit. We will take revenge for our martyrs and will carry out more attacks, whether it’s the GHQ or something bigger.”

Via Reuters.

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