Fujifilm unveils limited edition black version of X100 for $1,700

Fujifilm has given its X100 a luxury makeover called the Fujifilm X100 black limited edition compact digital camera with a limited production number of only 10,000 units. This black version comes for price tag of $1,700, which is a $500 bump over the silver model.  Besides, this compact digital camera will ship with a genuine leather casea lens hood, an adaptor ring and a protective filter.

There have been only cosmetic changes in the case of Fujifilm X100 limited edition black camera and the original tech specs have been retained. The major features here include bespoke Fujinon 23mm F2 lens, 12 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with the world’s first “Hybrid Viewfinder”, which switches between the optical viewfinder (OVF) and electronic viewfinder (EVF). Besides, the compact digital camera also incorporates cutting-edge digital functions, whilst offering the operability of traditional cameras with the aperture ring at the lens and the exposure compensation dial on the top plate.

Since its launch, the camera has bagged several awards like TIPA, EISA and Camera GP2011 Editors Award besides being singled out as outstanding. Before the Black Edition, the company has also unveiled just 200 models of X100 Tan Edition which also sold out quickly. Let us see how this black edition does in the market and probably it will motivate Fujifilm to release a candy pink version to target the fairer sex. The camera

was earlier originally unveiled in silver for a price tag of $1200 whereas the black edition here comes for $1700.

Via: Ubergizmo