Futuristic Router Switches Off When You Grab Your Keys To Leave

There are a lot of benefits to sharing living spaces. For one thing, you save up on the amount you have to spend on real estate and it also increases the likelihood that someone else would cook for you. The best thing, though, is that when your folks are visiting, you can always claim those strange sites shown under history were visited by your crib mates.

Then again, there are several lows to having a bunch of internet-crazy crib mates sharing the same router. This key router is a concept developed for the Future Routers project which was sponsored by TalkTalk. Designed much like a key holder, the router saves power by switching when there is no one in the building. The router works on a simple principle by offering four key holders which work like switches. When the last key is off the router (which would probably occur when the last person is ready to leave the building), it automatically switches off; the router switches on the moment a key is placed on it.

Although it is a simple idea, there are several instances which could work against it, starting with what you could do if there are more than four users, or when you need to download something while everyone is out of the building. Most probably, you would end up leaving a never-used key on the router at all times!

keyrouter keyrouter

Via: EcoGeek